BUG: unused MIDI notes showing up and overlapping

Repro instructions at the bottom.

When I double click a MIDI part and the MIDI editor window opens up at the bottom of the arrange window, to the left of that MIDI part are all the previous notes I played during that take (they all show up as white). I have no use for those notes showing up at all, of course, but they don’t bother me. The problem comes when I duplicate the MIDI part.

If I select BOTH those MIDI parts in the arrange window (the original one and the duplicated one), then in the MIDI editor window below, those unused white notes show up for BOTH these selected MIDI parts such that white notes of the 2nd selected MIDI part (the one on the right) show up as overlapping on the first MIDI part (on the left). This makes for junky viewing and editing.

screenshot #1:
1 MIDI part selected in the arrange window. White notes showing up to the left in the MIDI editor window. All is fine here.

screenshot #2
2 MIDI parts selected in the arrange window, (original one and duplicated one). In the MIDI editor window, white notes from the 2nd selected part (to the right) are overlapping on the first MIDI part (to the left). Not great…

This is not the best example because you only see a few white notes overlapping, but you get the idea. This becomes a real problem the more complex the part is, and the more MIDI parts selected in the arrange window.

Note that this MIDI part was likely created using Retrospective Record. I trimmed out the part I liked from that take, and then duplicated it. Again, it’s when I select both the original and the duplicated part that I start to see white notes overlapping.


  1. record on a MIDI track, without pressing record.
  2. click retrospective record.
  3. trim the MIDI part that shows up such that you’re trimming out notes to the left.
  4. duplicate the trimmed MIDI part so that they exist side-by-side.
  5. double-click the first MIDI part such that you see the MIDI editor window below
  6. now select both MIDI parts in the arrange window above, and view the overlapping notes in the MIDI editor window below.

This issue may also occur with parts recorded without Retrospective Record (the normal way). I haven’t checked.