[BUG?] Uploading to SoundCloud via Audio Mixdown

Tried to export to SoundCloud via Audio Mixdown and it stalls out when you transfer to the browser. The page attempts to go from the login confirmation page to an upload but nothing happens.

I see it is marked as in issue in Cubase 8.x

Here are some references:



  • Using the “Upload to SoundCloud” option from the Audio Mixdown function results in an endless loop trying to log-in into the SoundCloud account.

We are investigating a solution. As a workaround export your audio mixdown to your local computer, then upload it from there to SoundCloud manually.

Issue taken from this webpage on Steinberg:

Here is a Steinberg authored Youtube video of it working on Cubase 8 for Macintosh.

I am using Chrome on Windows 7 64 bit

Does anyone know of a workaround?
if you have it working on Windows 7 which browser are you using and are you signing into Soundcloud using your email address or using your Facebook or Twitter ID?

Hi heisenberg9,

that is indeed a confirmed bug that will be fixed on the coming Nuendo 7.0.40 update.

All the best,

And will we see 7.0.40 next week?

Yes. I believe so.