{BUG} Various MusicXML Problems - **Cant work**

Got a big score from Sibelius. XML.
It opens up, software is freezing for few seconds and then works fine. I work freely.

  1. the score editor is on freeze. totaly stuck, unworkable.
  2. Saving is not optional. you can see the message in the picture.
  3. there is a bad fonts situation.

Now. I ran the same in Logic and I can save it on Logic.

any idea what to do?

I kept going with my investigation.

I tried the same projects on my MacBook Pro with Sierra and N8.3.1
On MacBook I can’t even import the file - somehow I could do it only once but when trying to save the Nuendo crashed instantly.
From then on, I cant ANY XML files. no score.
I tried different files and not only the Nuendo is not importing but also after trying to import the Nuendo “throws me” to another folder in the import window.

I think this a big thing and would love to see if anyone else have the same problem.