[Bug] VST AmbiConverter doesn't detect correct order

Hello (updated post with instructions),

Description: VST AmbiConverter isn’t detecting the correct order, rendering it useless at the moment (Cubase 10.5, Win10)

Reproduction steps:

  1. Import 3rd order ambisonics track.
  2. Insert VST AmbiConverter as insert on the track or on any other 3OA output.
  3. No matter what the actual order of the ambisonic track is, VST AmbiConverter fails to detect the correct order, displaying “1” instead of 3. I suppose the same would happen for 2nd order tracks.
    (4. If you insert a compatible metering plugin, you will see all 16 channels active so there’s an issue with AmbiConverter as I’ve used many different files that I know are formatted properly).

I’m not sure if it’s only a display issue or that the plugin isn’t just working. Bug is reproducible on Nuendo 10.3 as well. See screenshot below.


See update above.