Bug when navigating to next/previous bar that is a slash region


When I’m navigating (using Cmd-arrow) from a bar with notation to a bar with a slash region - either forward or backwards - Dorico crashes.

File and Diagnostics attached.
Example Bug.dorico (656.6 KB)
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (820.8 KB)

Cmd-right arrow will normally move to the start of the next bar. When I tried what you described in the file you uploaded (Example Bug.dorico), it did indeed crash Dorico. Using just the right arrow (to move right by one notational element at a time), worked without causing a crash. The behaviour exhibited was that it skipped over the slash region bar, unless I deleted the slash region, in which case right arrow moved the selection one note to the right each time it was pressed. I also discovered that using cmd-arrow behaves normally if the caret is active (ie ready to input notes), but does crash Dorico when the caret is not active. Cmd-left arrow (move to the start of the previous bar) also caused a crash, except if the caret was active. In both directions, if the slash region had been deleted there was no crash when using cmd-arrow.

Good to know it’s not just me. I actually created a blank project and added in some notes and a slash region: same thing.

I did too. Most of the time, the crash occurred. Occasionally, though, it either didn’t happen or happened after a few more attempts.

If this crash behaviour is easily reproducible, the Dorico development team will be sure to have a look at it.

Edit, a few hours later:
One further thing I have discovered is that the crash only occurs if the slash region bar also has notes in it, as in your example file (the notes are obscured by the slash region, though). If the bar contains only the slash region (ie no notes), the crash does not occur.
Also, if Show other voices is enabled in the Properties panel, so that the notes are visible along with the slashes, the crash does not occur.

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Thanks for reporting this. The problem is caused by the fact that the slash region doesn’t have any notes in the expected voice, and Dorico is failing to select something in the expected voice, but not handling that case gracefully. We’ll fix the crash in the first Dorico 4 maintenance release, but it still won’t be able to select the slashes (which are not really in a particular voice).

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