Bug when selecting long passages including fermatas

Discovered a new to me bug yesterday when arranging a rather large score (symphony orchestra) of a medley. This is what happens:

When selecting a long passage in order to copy-paste it somewhere else, all is fine until I hit a bar with a fermata in it. When passing the fermata, all of a sudden the selection jumps to ALL parts, not just the one I wanted to work with. So in a medley with multiple fermata points, I have to divide up the passage into several pieces so as to never pass thru a fermata.

Anyone else notice this?

I can only reproduce this if I use Shift-Right to extend the selection. Why not click the first bar then Shift-click the last bar? That’s a quicker way of selecting long passages and it won’t select global objects (such as fermatas).

I rarely use the mouse/trackpad at all, I prefer working with keyboard shortcuts (which is one of the things i LOVE about dorico) so I hadn’t tried that. Good to know there’s a way!

HOWEVER, I still find this an inconsistancy. Why don’t fermatas work like other global objects , such as chord symbols? In my opinion it would be much easier if there was only one kind of behavior for all such objects.