bug while exporting the score on 10.5x and previous

when I export a png or jpg file of the score, the windows for choosing the format of the file to be exported and the saving path are not displayed.
I have to click twice on the “hide folders” button to bring up the saving the file. Bug also present on previous versions
tested on win7 x64 and also on win10


Are you in Windows Dark Mode or not? When I’m in the Dark Mode, I cannot click to the “Save as type” at all. I have to click to the Hide Folders, then Show Folders and then it works as expected.

Hi Martin, i’m not in dark mode.
btw i have the same problem in 3 different computers, 2 with win7x64 and one with win10.


Could you as a workaround try to collapse and expand “Hide Folders”, please? Does it work then?

Could you make a short video screen recording, please?