[Bug] Window Layout 'Status Line' keeps getting activated

So, I noticed this bug in N11, where the ‘Status Line’ keeps popping up even after I de-activate it. Even after deselecting multiple times, it creeps back in during the session.

I’m losing 1inch of screen real-estate on top. :sob:

I noticed this on C11 - it seemed to happen on older v10/10.5 projects. I couldn’t pin it down but it is irritating. Sometimes happened just doing a save (ctrl-s)

I updated to 11.0.1 and this issue still exists! Isn’t anyone else affected by this bug?

The ‘Status Line’ automatically pops up when I insert a new instrument or plugin. I tried opening an empty session rather than my templates and it seems to make no difference.

I am. Irritatingly affected.

Yes, me too. (I was just about to start a thread on this)

Hmm, how do we get Steinberg notice this? The next update is probably months away and we’ll be stuck with this irritating bug. :unamused:

On Nuendo 11.0.20 here and it’s still happening, 6 months later, It is really annoying having this valuable screen real estate going to waste.

It happens when doing lots of operations, open studio settings and click on ‘Chord Pads’ on the left side, it’s back, click CMC-QC, it’s back. Load a project, it’s back.

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Yep, it’s still there. We can only pray that the Steinberg Overlords get to this bug before 11.5 :triumph:

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