Bug with DDP creation (quite urgent)


I am creating a DDP that contains 99 tracks. About 1hr long. For some reason the ‘performer’, ‘songwriter’ are not added to the CD-Text. Just album title, track title and ISRC codes. I deleted a load of tracks on the same montage (length is the same) and the ‘performer’ text now appears on the DDP. I’m not sure at what point this stops happening. Any ideas? I’ve not come across this before because I’ve never had to produce a DDP with this many tracks. I have a client who is desperate for his DDP so hoping for a quick solution. Thanks.

How do you check that the CD Text is not present?
Are you using only ascii characters (no accent)? You better should.
But maybe you are running out of space.
The amount of CD-Text is limited to roughly 5000 bytes.

Maybe the easiest solution for you is to reduce the field sizes.

I have imported the DDP back into Wavelab and also HOFA DDP Player Maker. I’m only using ascii characters. When I export the CD Text as a txt file then its 8k. So running out of space looks like the issue. This makes sense but I’ve never had to think about it before! Thanks for your help PG. Problem solved.

I have a question about how best to create a printable DDP text document for my client (a record company), showing all the relevant info. I don’t have
the HOFA Player maker program. Will that do it? I have Roxio’s Toast Titanium, which accepts CD TEXT, but has no printing provisions. I have never done this before and have got to get this figured out. Can anyone help me? THANKS.

‘Generate Audio CD Report’ under the CD tab ?

As mentioned, you can create an Audio CD Report from the montage with all this info and it’s customizable as well. WaveLab 9.5 now comes with it’s own DDP Player but I think it has some limitations.

Getting HOFA DDP Player Maker would be the best option if you regularly send out DDP files for approval. Even projects that aren’t going to be pressed on CD go out as DDP first with HOFA DDP Player Maker because I think it’s the best way for the client to approve the audio, track spacing, titles, etc.

If you mildly customize this it should be fine for the label. I have sent these off before to a major label without issue. In fact, it can be “better” than some other 3rd party options if your label deliverable specifies no CD Text (your report can incorporate track names).

That said, personally, I do like the PQ Sheet that Sonoris generates (I also have HOFA). Plus, it’s nice to have a third party app to QC your WL generated DDP.