Bug with Dynamics


I noticed a small bug when entering dynamics. You’ll see with the pictures, the mf appears after the diminuendo. It’s only if I enter again the dynamics that it works.

One other thing, Dorico doesn’t understand the niente command if there is a cresc. + a dim.

Other screenshots

These are both known limitations. I wouldn’t call them bugs, though I can understand why they’d seem that way.

The messa di voce is a single expression, so a dynamic can’t be inserted between it.

The niente (which my phone amusingly keeps insisting should be “Bieber”) is a long-standing limitation.

You’re right! I don’t have the right term in English.

In the first case, it’s actually not a mess di voce. They are two different objects (a cresc. and a dim.) that I can move independently.

This is the result it would have done if it was a messa di voce. (see the attachment) This behaviour I think is normal in this case.

Fair enough for the niente! I signalled it because it’s working when there is only one dim or cresc. in the popover.

Funnily enough the problem that you describe in your first post, francisb, was just fixed in the last week or so, so you won’t experience that problem in future versions.

That’s wonderful!