Bug with Pedal Events

I wanted to pop in here and ask if anyone else has encountered a strange bug with pedal lines where Dorico’s playback will ignore the retakes as written and seems to contain “ghost” retakes in places they shouldn’t be.

I’ve noticed this bug specifically when changing the time signature in an area where a pedal line exists - doing so permanently breaks the pedal MIDI events in that area and I have no idea how to fix it. Even going through every note one at a time and using the popover + nonotch doesn’t work. The only solution I have found as of yet is to delete the problem bars and manually re-enter every note (copy and paste keeps the ghost retakes).

EDIT: A Dorico file is attached now.
Beauty of Dawn.zip (357 KB)

Please attach a dorico file (not just a picture) that has this problem, and instructions on how to reproduce it (i.e. exactly what time signature change to make). Otherwise, we are just guessing.

I’ve only got existing files, but I attached one to the OP. So far it seems to be any time signature change in a section with existing pedal retakes and notes. This particular project’s coda originally mirrored the opening in 4/4, so I copy+pasted the opening into the end which was 6/8. At that point I had already done the pedal for it, and I changed the time signature to 4/4.

Now the project doesn’t even have any of those bars, I removed them all and created fresh new ones, then did a fresh input of every note you see in the coda. You can see here that there’s not even a pedal line present, yet those same erroneous pedal events still play back.

EDIT: Also, to be clear, I can’t say this is the only way the bug occurs. I’m not entirely sure what triggers it precisely, the time signatures thing is just the one I’ve noticed.

I think the problem is due to the jump to coda in the middle of a pedal line at the end of bar 42. Pedal line events across repeat endings or jumps are not supported at the moment, so the pedal line starting at bar 29 will be continued to play back during the coda section. What you can do is to split up the pedal line at the start of bar 43.