bug with rests


this is from my score:

however, my part will not accept a quaver rest in the bar following the double bar line, not even with forced duration input:


Use force duration to enter the rest.

edit: The way you’ve input your hidden time signature is crucial. If you’d done this using “6/8, 1” rather than a 1/8 followed by another 6/8, you’d have got this:

pianoleo, I am not sure I input a hidden time signature at all.
As far as I remember, I input either the key change on the last quaver of the first bar, or I input a double bar line at that place.
Dorico did the rest by its own magic…
I will try to reproduce it.
This line in the score is the viola part - modulation from D-Major to G-Major :wink:
in the first violin there is a quaver upbeat in the new key.


I have removed the time signatures in that area and re-input that double barline, voila, everything looks and works fine! The movement is in 3/4

I wonder, if the weird time signatures had been interpreted by my xml import and not by myself…
correct transition.png