[Bug] Wrong spelling in transposing instrument

I have a piece of music in B-major with a Bb clarinet.
Dorico correctly writes Db as key signature in the part and in the transposed pitch score.
However - all of the music is displayed as in Ebbb!

This is what happens if I input the notes Db - Eb - F on my midi keyboard:
Skjermbilde 2016-10-24 kl. 22.03.05.png
The same thing happens if I input with the computer keyboard (D - E - F) and if I input in concert pitch.

You might find that, for now at least, switching off the options to prefer simpler key signatures at the bottom of the Accidentals page in Notation Options gives more sane results. We’re aware that this isn’t working properly at the moment and we’ll try sort it out very soon. (You can switch the option back on once you’ve done the note input and it should work properly again after that.)

That actually didn’t do any difference. The other option “Prefer enharmonic…” gave better results, writing it in C# major instead.
I ended up respelling the music in Db manually, just wanted to let you know about the issue.