Bugendo 13 vs nuendo 12

I seem to remember that, when nuendo 12 came out, it came out with fewer bugs than nuendo 13. and if my memory serves me correctly, I upgraded from nuendo 11 in the official steinberg store with a discount. about €150 instead of €199. I think they should somehow compensate for being the first to eat bugs.

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I think you’re right, but do you have any examples of bugs on your side?

You should have waited for the sale, of course, like you did for N12.

Still hungry? Maybe you didn’t find all the bugs.

Meanwhile in studios and bedrooms across the continents, engineers and composers reflect on how tolerant they can be to software problems, and accordingly some wait before updating.

And some people don’t update, but complain based on other peoples complaints.

It’s precisely the same upon each release – it’s the buggiest since forever, we should be compensated for our time… etc., etc. What’s the point?

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If my memory serves me correctly the difference this time is that there’s no early upgrade special. So with N12 we got it for $150 for a couple of weeks or so when it was released and then the price went up. This time it’s full upgrade price from the get-go.

I actually do think there’s something to the idea that early-adopters get a break on price since they end up serving like bug-catchers in practice.


Ah, I see.

100% agreed.
Finding the bugs, testing to make sure, then reporting the bugs, either via ticket or the forum, is quite time-consuming.
Steinberg should either release a 100% working version, or they should give a good discount to early upgraders.


We already had a good discussion whether this version is more buggy or not, don’t have to rehash this.

But it seems that most of the triage happens in the forum here, which is not very efficient and creates a lot of noise. You can email support, but there’s no ticket system like other products have.

If there would be a better way than just being super loud in a forum post to get attention to a bug and some central list of known issues by SB, this could run a lot smoother. Not crazy about helping debug the software, but that’s the norm these days. A better process could help.

I know there is a fine line in how to handle this for companies, and you don’t always have dates on when a hotfix might be available, and some of these issues I’m sure are harder to reproduce. I do see some of the SB folks engage a little more in the last couple of days, but all very tentative and with limited acknowledgement. More effective engagement could calm the waters here.

Sometimes if people feel like they’re being heard, that’s half the battle.


Exactly right. There should be an SB thread for the ordered mention of bugs, like a (short) form, or something like that. That would help everyone, and SB too. Putting it on the forum in a single thread would prevent duplication and apparent clutter, as well as serving to assess the merits of moving to N13 (and other versions later) depending on the possible impact on everyone’s work. On the other hand, erroneous mentions of bugs, which belong to other problems, including that of a misunderstanding of the new features (which can also be considered a problem), could be easily labelled. The overall landscape would be clearer.

The problem with a dedicated bug-thread is maintaining it. When people report possible bugs they need to give all necessary information about the system and software in addition to reproduction steps. I’d say 90% of the time those reports are missing most or all of that. So having one thread with bug reports is going to make it hard to follow the attempts to verify that there actually is a problem.

But yeah, if there was one thread with verified bugs listed that would possibly be good.

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This is where a proper ticket system helps, because it usually is a form that asks for all these details. Folks that report bugs regularly know the details you should provide, but not everyone has that experience. Technology can pick up the slack here.


While I had no particular love for the old forum, the issues section was useful to see (and contribute to) a list of bugs, their descriptions, confirmations and tracking numbers (once confirmed). It certainly wasn’t perfect but it was better than what we have now.

It is unchanged, just navigate to the Nuendo topics with tag ‘issue’ and the view is precisely as it would be in phpBB.

It really isn’t. Everybody and their brother’s dog can tag a post as an issue, but that doesn’t make it so. There is also no indication that Steinberg has registered such issues as verified and marked with tracking numbers.