Buggy automation follow clip behavior

Win7 x64 9.0.2

A bug or a feature? Can anybody confirm this? Snap on\off doesn’t affect this behavior.

Wow… that’s bad. I also encountered problems with moving folder parts. Some parts didn’t move and the automation clearly changed in some parts. Will try to make a video of that too. It is reproducible on my rig. Will try this also.

It’s better to give some exact reproduction steps for this. Isolating the issue is important, the gif behaviour is a bit random.

Tried to reproduce. Can’t with a MIDI clip. With an audio clip there is for certain something fishy going on. Not as bad as soundpeaks_net, but there are automation points added for sure. Enough to say this would be problematic moving large song parts because of unexpected automation behaviour. I’ll try to film the issue I came across with that moving/copying clips in another topic.

Maybe some more context to let others also try to reproduce this.

My issue with moving/copying clips was due to a freezed instrument :blush: Been a really long while since I used it, sorry for that :smiley: