Bugs - Can't open more than one file - Dorico audio engine crashes every time

Hello, I’m going crazy. Everytime I use Dorico 4.3.20 with just one file for the first time from turning on my pc, it works. If I close the first file and try to open another one or just if I try to create a new project, Dorico can’t play nomore and it crashes when I try to save my works. It doesn’t save any file.
It is really a very serious thing. I can’t work anymore and I have several pending projects. Please, help me !!!

This is a problem that has been happening since the last update to 4.3.20 with halion 7

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If you are using HALion 7, see if this thread helps you solve your problem.

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Did you update the sounds etc as well when you were updating it.

Please see this thread:

where you will find a temporary solution for the problem introduced by the new MediaBay component and HALion Sonic 7.

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Thank you very much. It seems work. I hope in a fast fix because it is not so serious have to lunch one batch file before running dorico…