Bugs In Cubase 9.5.10

  • When trying to import an audio file, and a file of the same name already exists, Cubase will use the old file without any information, letting you think you are actually working with the new file (previous, correct behavior: new file is imported and renamed properly).

  • When tabbing through the track headers in the arrangement view to rename tracks, key focus is lost as soon as the lower end of the window is reached (previous, correct behavior: view is scrolled).

  • When trying to apply “processes” (e.g. flip phase) to an audio file, nothing happens. Flipping the phase in the channel strip works.

  • Cubase crashes a lot when trying to “strip silence” during playback.

  • “Strip silence” no longer works on multiple tracks at once (each track must be confirmed now). The option to apply the process to all selected tracks has accidently been removed.

  • (Old bug:) Audio files whose names exceed a certain length will not be imported, but not error message is displayed.

  • Sometimes FLAC files cannot be imported.

  • Render in place only affects the track with focus, no matter how many tracks are selected.

  • Zooming to sample level in the audio part editor and trying to move a part on the timeline renders Cubase unresponsive for up to several minutes. Not always, but more often than not.

The only bug that I have come across in 9.5 and 9.5.1 is the mixer undo feature. It just randomly stops working. But from trying to narrow it down, it seems to happen when you move a VST effect from one insert slot to another, or when a VST effect is removed. I cant be 100% sure though that this is the only cause, its just I`ve observed it happening when these actions are executed. A resolve to this problem is needed.

I disagree with you about the reverse polarity process? Here’s my test: import a wave file (track or a song, stereo or mono appropriate channel), then copy and paste it to another similar channel such that it lines up with the other wave. Process to one of the wave files in one channel (reverse polarity) and then play back both channels - you should hear nothing. Mute one channel and you should hear the unmuted wave file playing back.

This works correctly on my setup.

That is exactly my setup. I use the phase polarity switch to check files that have been delivered in stereo and make sure they are not actually mono (which is true in 90% of all cases, sigh).

Turned out that it SOMETIMES works. Could be the same bug that prevents audio files with long file names from being imported. Haven’t had the time to investigate yet.

I’ve had this same problem as well…

Hi there

score have several bugs too:

i tried to print a multiple pages score using pdf drivers (i tried with 3 different drivers)
but cubase printed just the first page, or in other cases just the notes without the staff

when in score, page mode, if you set “number of bars” for one staff, the line goes outside the music sheet.
the only way to fix that is to “optimize” the whole project loosing the layout changes you made to the other staffs.

I tried the some operations with Cubase 7.5 and everything works fine. Do somebody has the same problems?

Thank you