Bugs in H7: the MixerChannel template and FX Meter template don't work!


In the new Halion 7 the Mixer Channel template and FX Meter template are not functional unless you save and re-load the program! So, if you drag a Mixer Channel template or an FX Meter template to the Macro Page and connect them to a bus and an FX module respectively, they are completely ‘dead’, like there’s no parameters connected to them. But if you save the program and reload it into Halion then the templates work as expected. Very weird bug.

And there’s another issue, and this one I think was also present in Halion 6: the peak meter (not the vertical VUmeter) in the Mixer Channel template doesn’t display the correct value! Here’s a screenshot:


As you can see, the actual peak value is -3dB, as displayed by the FX meter template and also by the peak meters in the program’s Mixer tab, but the the Mixer Channel template shows -28dB!