Buiilt in sampler like the one in Logic 10.5

Cubase needs a built in sampler comparable with the new Logic 10.5’s sampler. I’m sorry, but sampler track doesn’t cut it.
I don’t mean a sample library player with sample libraries, but a flexible device for sound designing.




Cubase must now be the only DAW not to have a decent built-in sampler. From what I’ve seen, even Cubasis on iOS has a better sampler than sampler track. All because Steinberg wants us to buy Halion. Well, I succumbed to their wishes and bought Halion, but almost never use it because of the horrible interface, all the clicking between tabs and windows, all the hassle just to get the most basic task done.

Whilst I’m ranting, why was Sampler Track implemented as a ‘Track’ rather than a plugin? To market it as a new feature, when in fact it’s just an extremely basic sampler plugin? I can’t see any practical advantage for this, only disadvantages actually (such as not being able to view the lower zone key editor and the sampler track editor at the same time).

Sometimes I don’t understand Steinberg. They invest the time implementing features that we don’t even use like “Virgin Territory” instead of implement others useful features.


The AutoSampler in Logic 10.5 is particularly nice.

We need multi sampler player 1+



SamplerTrack is a great feature with a very fast workflow!
You can save easily Track Presets with integrated samples e.g. And the big Edit Window in lowrr zone is a good solution. Better than in other daws…

And Halion is one of the strongest sampler workstation!

Virgin territorys comes from a Post Pro workflow!
It’s a good feature!
If you don’t need or understand it, don’ t use it. Done.

I agree. It’s really useful and quick.

Possibly, but hands down the worst GUI of any sampler in 2020.