Build Library Failed : no stream

I get this when trying to buld a Halion 6 Sound Library

Initialize VSTSound :Touch The Universe_001_Celestial Spheres
Setup Cubase Icon
Setup Library Icon
Setup VST Locations
Set VST Sound location to Cubase
Setup VST Permissions
Setup VSTSound Dependencies
Adding Samples

(lots of samples)

: no stream
------------------------------------------------------- FAILED !

! build failed : “Touch The Universe_001_Celestial Spheres” : no stream

Here is an image of all the settings in library editor…

I think this is in the wrong forum. I posted in the bugs section.

Well, still waiting for my thread in the issues section to get approved :smiley: It would be great if there were some full video tutorials online for the library creator.

It didn’t work because I had empty zones :open_mouth: