Building a big template (understanding the the Buses better)

Hey guys,

I’m building a big film scoring template and coming from Digital Performer I’m a bit confused as how to set up the stems and the buses. This is what I would like to have:

I currently have lots of VI instruments coming from VEP which comprised most of my palette. I want to group these VI outputs into a smaller group of audio stems that I would use to mix the music. These are printed to audio, so I can recall the session in the future without using the VIs.
These tracks would go to a smaller sub group of stems for delivery.

What is the best way to achieve this? I’m not sure if I should use groups, or outputs to send the VI outs Or Should I use Audio tracks and monitor from them, so I can print them?


i would use groups for live playback/mixing.

and export to audio tracks for archiving.

and import into the project also for extra tidiness


For stems in my template, I have a group channel for each section of the orchestra, which gets it’s own fx channel for reverb. I then route those two channels to a master bus (another group channel) for that section. Then I add an audio channel for that section, and set it’s input as the master bus from that section, so I get the dry VI sound plus reverb. I can then just press record on the audio track and i got my stems. How that helps.

Thanks guys, good info.