Building a Device Panel but MSB, LSB are not working as expected SOLVED


Building a device panel for my Nord drum 3P. All the controls for Midi cc work perfectly.

The only one that differs is the ‘Tone Pitch’. From the Nord Drum manual, these are:

Tone Pitch MSB: 31
Tone Pitch LSB: 63

I have set up the ‘transmission’ part of the panel - as pic below. So I selected ‘Control Change 14 bit’ and then input the appropriate MSB, LSB.

However, whenever I change the parameter on the device panel, the ‘Tone Pitch’ defaults to ‘zero’ on the Nord. If I move the slider on the panel up it goes to 0.5. If I move it down it goes to zero.

The nord drum’s ‘Tone Pitch’ has a range of 0-127 but has double the amount of controls within
0-127. Every ‘turn’ of the Tone Pitch is a quarter-tone and every 2 turns is a semi tone. For example, 60 on the Nord Drum Tone pitch is A3 on standard Piano and 60.5 is a quarter tone higher and 61 is A"3.

I recorded ‘Tone Pitch’ automation directly from the Nord Drum to Cubase and have posted pics below. Essentially, CC31 increments from 0-127 but only changes value every second ‘turn’ on the Nord Drum. CC63 jumps from 0 to 64 and 64 to 0 every time the value is changed on the Nord Drum. I have posted some pics below

Are there any Midi gurus out there that can help me complete this device panel?

Thanks for any input

For any one reading this with similar issue… I have solved it.

I hadn’t changed the min, max value from 0-127 to 0 - 16383.

Happy days - Ive now got a fully working Device Panel for my Nord Drum 3 P.

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