Building a new workstation

And sorry to post here a computer hardware question, but I think the “dedicated” forum is too “noisy” and I really trust the professionalism that is here…

I’m planning to order a new custom workstation from a Finnish computer builder (they are reliable, proven good and local, but not specialized to audio workstations) I need extra help to get this right.

  1. My main worry at the moment is choosing the right motherboard. Is this any good: ASUS PRIME Z270-A ATX LGA1151?
    Is it capable to run video on screen? Or do I need a dedicated graphics card?
    My main monitor would be 27" acer touch screen with dtouch. The second monitor would be for running video (mostly) and metering.

  2. When installing operation system (win10 pro), how to do it to leave everything extra (read: not needed for audio work) out of the installation to keep the system as light as possible and running without any hick ups?

  3. What else to consider?

I do plan to get a 7700K, at least 16g ram, SSD op system drive, two at least 2 TB drives, TI FW adapter for my FF800…

Thanks/ Bye

I think you better follow the advice you’ll find in this thread:


Hi Fredo!
Yes, I’m aware of that topic.
However it does not answer my questions and I don’t want to hijack that thread…

I will repost this also innthe hardware forum.

Bye / Tumppi

If you as a buyer have to worry about what motherboard to use then I would suggest you build it yourself or chose a builder with DAW know how. The difficult/important part is choosing the right parts, not assembling the pieces.
My 2 SEK. Good luck!

I just worry about it as they have this “configure your setup” on their webpage that I like to use.
It is of course only the start of the project but now I’m just gathering information. It is useful you know :wink:

Bye / Tumppi

As I try to build a future proof workstation the new video engine that is under development is a big question mark.
And thus the question about motherboard and graphics card is quite relevant.

What do I need to know when choosing my new setup (especially motherboard and Graphics) so I can be sure I don’t make wrong choises? OpenGL 2. Still? Etc?
Timo? Any hints what to expect?

It’s the end of Q1, so we should expect the release any day now.

You believe that Q1? :wink:

But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. (James 1:6)


Hi Tumppi,
Personally I don’t think you have to worry about those things that much anymore. 2 years ago I built my new computer from scratch with a Quad Core overclocked to 4.6 and 32 Gig of Ram. I did this for about $2700 CAD. Take away the graphics card which I need for PP and After Affects and you’re down to $2000 CAD. I can run huge sessions with a lot of plug-ins/tracks etc while having Premiere Pro open and my system doesn’t even hick-up. Nuendo doesn’t need to do any heavy lifting with video because it’s only playing back a file so my guess is that what ever video card you get (even if you use the one on the motherboard) you won’t have any problems.
As far as Installing WIN 10 I don’t believe there are any options to leave out as part of the install. As well I just switched over to the 64 bit version of N7 and have had zero problems. I also run a lot of VSTi’s and don’t encounter any issues.

One last thing…I haven’t tweaked my WIN 10 at all! I did make a few changes to the BIOS though.

My 2 cents.