Building a PC for cubase

I like to build a computer for cubase pro 8.5, I’m going to upgrade to later version in the future. I just want to know the best computer components to buy to run cubase and be able to process as many inputs as possible without losing performance and speed. Basically I want to build a super computer so I run cubase, Wavelab, absolute collections, and other software that isn’t Steinberg. Should I use intel CPU, what motherboard to use, should i use HDD or SDD, what PSU to use, sound cards, and etc? THank you for all your feedback.

Reviews haven’t really trickled in yet, but I’m betting that the AMD 3970x will be the best performing CPU for the upcoming few months.

You weren’t particularly specific about how you run things but that would be my bet.

I would then just look at the x399 motherboards and pick one with the i/o you need. You should be able to put your OS, samples and projects all on their own M.2 nvme SSDs going straight into the CPU, with several of the motherboards offering an additional 4 M.2 nvme drives on an add-in card, plus of course 6-8 SATA SSDs.

Like I said, reviews for audio aren’t in yet, but I’d be surprised if anything could beat that CPU.

I have to built a new music PC too, for cubase 10.5

anyone have some issues with AMD RYZEN and cubase/nuendo?

better AMD 3900X with X570 MoBo and Raedeon rx 5600
or Intel i9 9900K with Z390 and Nvisia 2060

(ndr 10th gen i9 10900K dosen’t work well!?!)

thanks david