Building helloWorld vst3


I’m able to successfully build using the instructions from the documentation
with the commands:

// go in to the folder where you extracted the VST 3 SDK
mkdir build
cd build
/Applications/ -G"Xcode" "../vst3sdk"

After running the build command, i can verify that the paths are correct.

-- [SMTG] SMTG_PLUGIN_TARGET_PATH is set to: /Users/username/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3

However, I cannot find the vst3 file here.

Does anyone have any solutions to what I’m doing wrong?


The command you ran is not the build command. It is the command that generates the project (in this case with the Xcode as the generator). In order to actually do the build you then need to run another command:

cmake --build . --config Debug

(or Release to do an optimized build)

Thank you for the reply! Which directory would I have to run this command? Also when I run it, i get “command: cmake not found” in my terminal.

I appreciate the help.

Oh I actually think I figured it out. I ran


in the build directory and that was able to generate the vst3 files.

While I was able to generate the .vst3 files it says that the type of the file is Application and not VST3 Plugin. Additionally, I am unable to load the vst3 into FL Studio.