Building new DAW, need some help

I’ve decided to build a new daw and I have a problem what to choose regarding mobo and cpu.
Should I go for 1150 or 2011, 4770K or 4820K/4930K?
I’m also looking for a really quiet case and cooler.
I use Cubase with Superior Drummer, Kontakt, vsti’s etc. and also for gaming.

Any tips?

What about getting a separate computer for gaming?

I’d like to have one for each, as I’ve had before, but can’t afford it right now. The studio work has higher priority though.

The only real difference between a high spec gaming PC and a high spec DAW pc is the graphics card and the cooling. Whereas in a DAW PC you try to minimize fan noise, in a gaming PC you get a high end graphics card. Because graphics cards always fit in PCI slots there’s inherently little space for a fan on them, so they use small fans at high speeds which produce more noise than bigger fans would.
In other words, if you can find yourself a high end graphics card with a silent cooler then everything else should just be as good as you can afford :wink:.
Notice that graphics card vendors always put on their own coolers, so when looking at a review/benchmark make sure it’s not just the same model of the graphics card but also the same vendor. AMD/Nvidia make the chips but without coolers. For what it’s worth, I have a gainward graphics card that’s very silent. It’s an older model by now but it used to be quite high end so it’s a pretty taxing chip for a cooler.

There’s a lot of other things that make a gaming and audio computer different, outside of the video card. It comes down to many things - motherboard, chipset, RAM, cooling used, tweaks to the OS, etc. It is an involved process.

If you want to go 2011, you are restricted to some processors, some very powerful ones, but specific ones.

If you want to go to Intel’s 4th generation Haswell processors, you’ll need to choose a different socket size and processor type. I do not think you need to go Haswell, but if you want to, it opens different doors.

I personally use Gigabyte motherboards, AMD video cards (Nvidia for machines for video production), Kingston HyperX RAM, and varying processors depending on a client’s needs. You also have to take hard drives and their speed into consideration; are you going SSD, or using Hybrid hard drives? This is a big and important consideration. You also need to keep in mind that you want to put your samples/projects onto separate hard drives.

There are a lot of factors. There are plenty of DIYs and information on building a system to be found. Think about what you want to get out of a system, and feel free to PM me if you want to talk specifics.