Built-in Multiband Compressor plugin for Dorico 4?

Having lack of this plugin is pretty inconvenient in Dorico 3.5
(So does the “Frequency” EQ plugin.)

// Please, no discourages with workarounds.

I use Audio Hijack for audio effects on the output of any app (on Mac).
If you’re on Windows, I imagine there are similar utilities.

Those are workarounds. I mean official internal solution.

I don’t find its absence inconvenient.

Because you don’t need to face the occasion of directly submitting an audio file generated from Dorico.

4.0 is said to feature a completely redesigned mixer… Maybe they’ll throw in a MB-Compressor for good measure…
I just noticed you can’t put external effects into insert slots apparently… :thinking:


I want exactly the Steinberg Multiband Compressor which is also shipped in Cubase.
The Steinberg one.

Presuming you have cubase, is it really that hard to drag the dorico render into cubase, apply the filter, and export again? That would take me all of 30 seconds to accomplish with studio one.

Unfortunately Dorico 3.5 cannot export 24bit audio.
There are something must be done in Dorico.

You can use a multi and compressor on 16 bit audio too. What am I missing here?

16 bit audio has less dynamic range - less gradation between 0 and full scale than 24 bit. Whether people can tell the difference in the real world (and whether the difference is important) is another unwinnable argument. But for final products, stems and such to be delivered to a supervisor; at least 24 bit is often insisted upon.

But you can’t deliver those working out of just Dorico anyway! (at least pre-V4) So I think @Romanos you have a very good point. Today I do exactly what you say, move it to Studio One, do the final work there and export audio at 24 or 32 bit. No one has complained so far.

To me multiband would only matter if the opposite were true - that is, when it becomes possible to export 24 bit from Dorico. If the Steinberg XComp is the one you want… no harm asking I suppose. Though I’m not expecting other Steinberg products to be automatically free in Dorico. If they were, I’d vote for Grand3 :slight_smile:

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At the moment we have no plans to include the multi-band compressor plug-in from Cubase in Dorico 4, though Dorico 4 will include some additional plug-ins that are currently included with Cubase. Perhaps this is something we can include in a future version.


Thanks for your response.
If that’s the case then could you please also consider including the “Frequency” EQ plugin?