Built in noise reduction in Cubase!

There should be a noise reduction plugin included with cubase or in spectralayers one at least!
How to achieve this task without buying additional plugins ?
Been using the reaFIT from reaplugs, a free 64 bits plugins, but crashes CB most of the times i try to render the audio!

That’s what programs like Wavelab are for. Cubase is for making music not cleaning up audio.

there seems to be quite a body of evidence suggesting that SpectraLayers One included with Cubase is very useful for noise reduction


Or simpler noise gating:

Thanks for your reply.
As a mixing engineer I spend some time fixing bad recordings, noise reduction is a process that makes part of it. A daw with such capability is important this days.
I own WaveLab for other tasks but maybe I can get one to communicate with the other for this purpose. Well tought.

The included spectralayers doesn’t seem to be capable of this task, maybe in the elements version and up. I’ll have another close look into it.

Spectralayers One does have noise reduction.

Noise Reduction (learning the noise of a recording and then removing it), exists from Elements and up. I agree it would be much much useful if it was included in One, but hey! It’s their call. I bought Spectralayers Elements for exactly this reason.

Edit: By the way, it’s great workflow to just select the event, apply a Spectralayers ARA extension, have Spectralayers in the lower zone, do the Noise Reduction Process there and continue working, all while never leaving Cubase. I like it very much for some outboard gear that is a bit noisy (Preamp + Comp). Slapping a gate there doesn’t help, because when the gate opens, you are flooded with the hiss and noise. Noise reduction does a great job without compromising the original audio too much. It’s great really.


You’re right, I was looking at the wrong part of the manual.

I think it makes sense for this to be a paid feature, since audio restoration goes a bit beyond what you would normally use Cubase for.

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I agree, and it’s not a huge expense to get elements for this feature alone (It does more, but even for just this one feature, it’s worth the price). But I also find that Spectralayers One’s feature set doesn’t have one “baity” feature, that will make someone go “Ohhhh, that’s awesome, I wonder what else I can do with this program.” When you download the demo though (Pro version), you immediately get what it’s all about. In fact, after trying out the demo, I went ahead and grabbed Elements when I could. I wish I could afford the upgrade to Pro right now. Maybe another time.


Sorry but i dont agree that noise reduction shoul be an extra.
Such feature should be part on any Digital Audio workstation!
Anyway, thanks for all replies, i might get the acon bundle for this kind of tasks in the future.

You won’t regret it. Acon’s restoration plugins are excellent.

From what i am testing using the “Edit in wavelab” pushes the event to WL, all good BUT, the restoration rig is only available in the Master section of WL wich does not make it possible to send it back to CB. The restoration rig plugin is not available in teh audio editor, so / and correct me if i am wrong) there is no way of using WB as an audio restoration suite alongside cubase!..

I know i wont but why would i need to move out of the steinberg “universe” to do this…doesnt make any sense for me.

For those that have Wavaleab Pro , this is how to do it!

Thanks @Justin_Perkins !

You’re wrong on that one. You can indeed use WL Pro alongside Cubase, it’s specifically designed to be able to do that… I think you may have just found that out. And you can use the restoration plugin in WL Pro in the audio editor with no issues - just use the ‘render in place’ function… I think you may have just found that out too!


Yes, Justin reminded me of that great function.
Thanks for replies everyone, appreciated!