Built In Oscilloscope, Spectogram, Vectorscope

I use IL Wave Candy for an oscilloscope, spectogram, and vectorscope. But, for some reason they keep freezing. All my Image Line plugins periodically stop working in cubase. In 9.5, it’s gotten worse. I could live with that, Steinberg, if you would create your own equivalent plugins. I would gladly use them.

I would use izotope insight except for some reason they didn’t include an oscilloscope into the plugin. Another reason I don’t use it is that I have a macro which closes all plugin windows, and when I hit that macro I’d like my analytics to stay. IL Wavecandy has a GUI which stays up even when the plugin window is closed.

If we could get a dedicated window to more analytics/insight that has an oscilloscope, spectogram, and a vectorscope, it would be very nice! Or maybe you could fit them in the “Meter” area.

+1 a good and scalable oscilloscope would be really nice. I use several vsts for this and none of them fits my windows well.

Yeah, I’ve used 2 different vst oscilloscopes but they’re always awkward. Can’t believe Image Line has them but Steinberg doesn’t.

Good idea.

Why is that? IL does all kinds of innovative stuff.

Cubase has had an oscilloscope and vectorscope for years. The oscilloscope has been there in some form since the 90’s.

I took it as a request for a fancier / updated one.

Well, I guess I should rephrase. I can believe it. But Cubase is more expensive than FL Studio so you’d expect more features, not less. Plus, it’s ironic that Image Line has more useful vst’s than the company that invented vst’s.

But you’re right. Image Line is very innovative.

Where would I find this oscilloscope? Couldn’t find anything about it when I searched “oscilloscope” in the manual… or spectogram… or vectorscope…

Tools -> MultiScope

It’s a bit old and could use an updated interface, but it still does the job.

Spectrograms have little use outside of mastering and are rarely more useful than a good spectrum analyzer (like the one included with Cubase Pro’s CurveEQ). There’s nothing ironic about Cubase not including a feature that’s going to be useless to the majority of its users.

Okay thanks…

Wow, it updates REALLY REALLY REALLY slow. Also, it doesn’t have a spectogram, just an EQ view. But a spectogram is an EQ overtime.

And spectograms aren’t mostly useless. One example I find that I use it for more and more is quickly comparing pitches or two or more different sounds (and their pitch over time). It’s really easy to compare pitches and harmonics. Also, if you are looking at a sound, it might end on certain pitch or timbre, but you can’t really see the timbres or pitches in between with an EQ because it’s gone so fast. I think spectograms are very useful for sound design, mixing, and composition. The only reason people wouldn’t find it useless is because they have such little exposure to it.

How can a lot of people use a tool that doesn’t exist? They can’t.

I love the spectrogram in channel eq, be nice if there was a floating window of it, so when i use other 3rd party plugins I could see whats going on in frequency. maybe even tuck in in control panel somewhere if it cant float.

my idea since C7…

what do you think about that?





Some examples I like: Stillwell Schope, DMG Trackmeter, HOFA IQ-Analyser, Melda,…