bulk conversion from sibelius

Hi everyone, very happy to be on the Dorico train. Such wonderful work, congratulations.

(i searched “import from sibelius”, and didn’t come up with anything. If this issues has been covered under different wording, please redirect me, and erase this thread)

I actually haven’t installed Doric yet, as I’ve just ordered the new MBP, and am awaiting its arrival, but as I back up my old computer and data, it occurred to me, “what shall I do about all these Sibelius files”.

I’ve only used one notation program for the last 15 years, and have never entered into the realm of xml files.

Is there any way to do a bulk conversion into Dorico? Or any method that anyone can foresee that doesn’t have me going into every score, individually, exporting to XML then importing into Doric then saving?

I understand if this is not possible, but was just hoping for a lucky answer.


If you have Sibelius 7 or later, there is a plugin called “Convert folder of scores to MusicXML” in the batch processing section.

You could then keep that as an archive of MusicXML files. I wouldn’t say there’s a need to open each on in Dorico and save it as a Dorico project file.