Bulk renaming Cycle marker tracks

I’m working on a game score at the moment, and exporting some chunks to import into Wwise. I’m using cycle markers to do this, Cubase allows me to set up multiple cycle markers so I can name them and export them all in one go. Huge time-saver.

However, when I update the project version (from V1_03 to V1_04 for example) I then have to open the markers menu and update all this information manually. Not a massive problem in the current project, as I only have 10, but it would be good to have these markers automagically update to the current project version with a wildcard or something. Is that possible?


Not in the manner you suggest because Cubase doesn’t have any mechanism to create & use variables. However you can use the Project Logical Editor to do things like replace “V1_03” with “V1_04”. One of the example Presets that comes with the PLE removes the “(R)” that is appended to a Rendered Track’s name - that’s probably a good starting point.


Ah yes. I use the PLE all the time for renaming tracks. I didn’t realise it worked on cycle markers! Thanks!