Bundled software

The drivers and FX suite software for my new UR22C installed ok and appear to be working, though I’ve only used it with Audacity so far.

But the licensing is proving to be a problem. I obtained my SeL all right, but despite pressing the maintenance button and waiting an hour or so I still get this message:

‘Currently, there is no valid Steinberg product license found on this eLicenser.’

I /think/ this means I can’t download Cubase AI. Is that correct? Will this sort itself out, please? Is this delay a pandemic- or weekend-related thing?

Also, I’ve been reading the manual, though can’t pretend I fully understand it. In Windows is the FX suite functioning at all times please, or does it only do so if I double click to fire it up? Also, is there an easy way to use it to produce a mono signal (or a ‘same both sides stereo’ signal) for use with Zoom etc?

Many thanks,


I’m still struggling with this installation. I can’t find a link for downloading Cakewalk AI.

Can anyone help please? Perhaps someone from Steinberg? I’ve seen the ‘fails’ web page, but I have the updated e-licenser amd am not in the position of reinstalling Cakewalk AI - because I’ve never been able to install it.

Thanks, Gavin Atkin

Did you get an Activation Code in your documentation? Or instructions on getting one? That’s what you need.
You enter the code in the eLIcense Control Center.