Bundling staves

I’m coming freshly from Sibelius and I fell in love with Dorico immediately. But Sib did has some nice features that I miss in Dorico.

Does there exist a function like “Bundling staves”? If I have a huge score up to 30 or 40 staves, I would like to concentrate only to oboes and violas, e.g. In Sibelius, there was the nice button “Bundling staves”. Any chance to find this in Do?


Welcome to the forum Sven! In Dorico, layouts are really flexible so what you could do is have a “spare” full score (or as many as you need) with only the relevant players assigned to it. You can then switch between the layouts as much as you like.

Dear Lillie,

thank you for answering my question so much! I need some time to grasp the function of layouts… in the meantime another question arose:

When I try to create new accidentals (e.g. sharps combined with cent numbers) in a new tonal system, all is working fine. But when I start a new project and choose the new tonal system, all my new accidentals are vanished or altered. I would like to send you two pictures (but I am allowed for only one): the first one should be from the project, where I created the new tonal system, the second one is from the new project.

How do I fix this?


2. new accs in a new project|225x433

I’m sorry to say that there is a bug that affects the import and export of text components in custom accidentals. This bug will be fixed in a future version of the software.

In the meantime, the best available workaround would be to use the project in which you’ve created your accidental system as an ersatz template: when you want to write a new piece, do File > Save As to save it under a new name, delete the existing flows and players in Setup mode as appropriate, and then keep working.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused.