Burn CD w/ Unique EQs per Track

I would like to burn a CD where each audio montage represents a unique track with its own specific mastering plugins for each track. Is this possible in CD wizard? It seems to want to treat all the tracks the same, using the same mastering settings for all the tracks.

What I’ve done in earlier drafts is just make WAV files in Wavelab but then burn the CD in something simpler like iTunes. I’d love to keep working in Wavelab if this is possible, especially because I’m finding my earlier draft was too soft overall.


Why not 1 Montage with Track(s)
and then setup with Track plugin(s) and even Clip Plugin(s)
different plugins setting for every CD track, stagg the Tracks in a Montage.
The beauty with Montage is Track(s), Clips and Master Section,
you can work with each separate but then together if you like for a master…

regards S-EH

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Oh yes, thank you! I never learned how to organize the entire album project really, so this clarifies so much.

Oh sorry, I’ve just come across one problem with this solution: a few of my tracks have a different sample rate than my others. (48,000 vs. 44,100). Is it impossible for them to be in the same Montage then, considering I do not want to alter the pitch of these tracks?

If you try to import a 44.1k file into a 48k montage (or vise versa), WaveLab will warn you and then convert it to the correct sample rate. This doesn’t change the pitch. If you want more control over the sample rate conversion, you can use the WaveLab batch processor or other means to get all the files to a common sample rate before you start working.

Doing it all in one montage using Clip FX for per song settings, and Montage Output FX for anything global you’d like applied after the Clip FX such as a final peak-limiter or dither is the way to go. You don’t need a montage for each file.

Then you can render a DDP first, check the rendered DDP audio, and then finally burn a CD-R from the DDP.


Thanks for these several steps! I look forward to trying it out today.