Burning multiple discs in WL9.5

Is it possible to burn multiple cds at the same time in wavelab?

When you burn a montage, you can specify how many CDs you want to burn, in the dialog.

Do you want to use multiple CD burners or just produce multiple CDs with one burner?

Hi, Yes multiple cd burners to burn more than 1 disc at the same time. Don’t think it can be done but it would be great if it could in future :slight_smile: 1 disc burner has been sufficient but oddly enough, in 2018 demand at this end for cds is increasing and the need for speed is here :slight_smile:

I didn’t know software allowed you to do this, but full versions of Nero and Roxio apparently do, from cd or image. Has anyone tried it with those, or something else ?

I don’t know for the current WL, but in the past it was possible to run multiple WL instances at the same time.