BUS and Plugin Compensation Latency

Hello, I am currently doing violence to stay on Cubasis and not switch to Logic pro. I have always bought all your products (software and hardware). But my biggest problem with Cubasis for all these years has been the fact that you can’t create a group of busses (or route a bus to another bus)…it’s particularly frustrating for mixing. Today, we have powerful mixing tools such as the Fabfilter suite, DDMFs and many others…

My question is therefore: will there be other Cubasis 3 updates or is the project be abandoned???

if yes, in the next updates, will you finally solve this bus problem?

Hi @Hola_Panda,

Thanks for your message.

We are already working on the next Cubasis updates, which however will take some time still until being ready to be released.

Cubasis includes group track and send effects support. Please let us know, why these do not match to your workflow!

& stay safe,

@LSlowak, my two cents as a still interested former Cubasis user:

A “bus” is not the same as a Group track:

  • A group track sends only to the master bus
  • A “bus” can send to other busses.
  • A track enrolls into only one group track
  • There may be multiple “sends” from a single track to multiple busses
  • A send could be routed out of the DAW iPad to hardware “outboard” (effects processors)

I’ve actually faked routing to/from hardware outboard in Cubasis by routing to stereo outs 3/4 which I connect through my digital mixer to a pair of compressors. It worked, but only because my digital mixer is a highly flexible audio interface. In other iPad DAWs (no names needed here) there is an I/O fx that can be inserted into a bus and handle the whole process, without any digital mixer pyrotechnics. And, the plug-in measures latency and compensates for it (I snuck in an advertisement for delay compensation!).

Conversely, “Sends” as they exist in Cubasis are in some ways closer in function to “busses:”

  • A single track can leverage multiple sends
  • However, a Cubasis send includes only a single effect, the output of which is always routed the master bus
  • A bus can support many effects inserts, and as stated above, can be routed to other busses

Anyone who “mixes into sends,” a very common methodology, can’t use Group tracks or Sends. Only a bus will work for that use case.

As I said, I’m not using Cubasis actively any more, but I want you to succeed!


It’s not the same thing. For example, if I make a bus with all Drums tracks and a bus with all Bass tracks, we should be able to combine these 2 busses into a Drums and Bass bus. A Drums and Bass group that we should be able to route to an instrument bus.

Overall, what I’m trying to tell you is that there is no Bus routing capability on Cubasis3.

All computer DAWs do this. On Ipad Auria Pro does it since its creation, Logic Pro does it, Audio Evolution Mobile does it, AUM does it too. Hence my misunderstanding concerning Cubasis 3 which is normally much more recent.

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