Bus FX unusable in Groove Agent SE


I can’t say if this issue or bug is NEW for me, because I’ve never used the Groove Agent SE internal mixer until now. I hope someone knows what might be causing these issues:

1: Open any kit or preset in Groove Agent SE
2: Goto the mixer area, and add a minumum of two effects into any slots. In the Agents/bus section, or elsewhere, it doesn’t matter.
3. Try to click the different effects to edit them. Nothing happens. Some of the effect slots are even blinking/disappearing. Sometimes one effect will move itself to another slot, even to another channel such as the master, only from clicking or double clicking on it. And I even see some weird cut-off text blinking elsewhere in the drum machine GUI.

The effects are not working at all basically. They can’t be viewed, edited, dragged/moved or opened.

Win 10
Cubase 11 + GA-SE latest downloadable versions via the Assistant.

Thanks for any ideas