firstly sorry if this has already been covered but I could not find what I was after using the search.

I am trying to set up my busses so that I can firstly have everything routed to a PRE DYNAMIC BUS then have that bus routed to another bus which is split over 2 channel so I can have one of the channels sitting with no dynamic processing and then other channel having dynamic processing enabled. This way I can simply mute either one of the channels and switch between the end processing. I also want the second bus to output to the a stereo mix (final out).

I cannot find any way of having one bus over 2 channels. Is there a way to do this.

I hope this makes sense.

Thanks. Mike

Not really, but.
Direct routing, can be used to route one bus to two other busses.
You can also use sends.

It doesn’t give me the option to direct route a bus. Am I missing something.

Starts at 17:30

On the mixer page. Top right. Drop down to turn it on.

You could use a cuesend.

route everything to a buss… output that buss to your dynamic buss. But also have a cuesend going to a cuemix from that initial buss. You could then press a button on the control room to switch between the cuemix without dynamics and your dynamics buss.