Bussing, grouping, and auxing...

Hey all,

I have just recently moved to Cubase and I’m wondering how to set up routing as I often see it done in Pro Tools.

I didn’t move from Pro Tools, infact I have never used it but I have learnt a lot from online tutorials where people use Pro Tools.

The system they use for example will have a vocal on one track.

Then under that they will have several tracks One for the reverb, one for the delay, one for compression, one for parallel compression, etc etc…

The vocal track seems to then ‘send’ to each of these tracks, and each of those tracks has individual eq compression (vst’s) etc on them. Like I say, I dont really understand what i’m seeing, I dont know if they are indeed ‘sends’ or group tracks or what…

I’m wondering however, how this ‘routing’ is done in Cubase as I really like it as a routing option, it seems like a very logical way to work.

If you have time, then you can see exactly what I mean here.


My question, again and to be clear…

How is this achieved properly in Cubase. Do I need to make actual busses? is it simply a case of group tracks? Or is it sends? Or is it a combination?

Any help is greatly appreciate, thanks.

It´s a combination of groups and sends. There is a lot of info on how to use different FX in Cubase, and also on groups and sends and how to do routing in the Cubase manual and of course the web. Start there for the basics.

Here are a few videos that’ll help…




Sorry folks maybe I should have been clearer…

I am not a beginner, I just want to know (as a new cubase user) how the routing ‘as seen in the pro tools video and I explained’ is done.

I understand routing, aux’s, sends and fx channels but as a new user (to cubase) it’s not really obvious what way would be best to achieve the results I am looking for?

I hope that clarifies things a bit.


You may first need to ask for the details on a Pro Tools forum… but, after a brief look at the video, it seems like two vocal tracks, each with their own inserts, which are both fed into the same group channel which has its own inserts chain. So it looks a bit like:

-vocal 1 —> inserts —>
----------------------------- + —> to group channel 1 —> inserts —> stereo out
-vocal 2 —> inserts —>

Cubase has a flexible routing system. So for the above configuration you’d route both vocal 1 and vocal 2 to the same group channel using their output routing menus, and then route the group channel to the stereo out. If you want to send a channel to multiple destinations at the same time then use Direct Routing in the Mixer rack or Inspector.

Busses, Aux sends, groups and the like are really more or less the same in any DAW, Desks and so on.
All it takes is to know, there are output routings and a sends and that they can achieve different things.
As said two different vocal tracks are routed to a group, abd the delays and reverbs are vprobably fed from a send (either from the group, or the original channels feeding the group.


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