Bussing in Cubase- Can we do this?

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I like to do this in Logic to fatten a main vocal. Assign two AUX to one buss then use only one send on the MVox to send the main VOX track to the 2 AUX track via BUSS 10 ( for example ).

Cant quite see how this can be achieved in Cubase. Any ex Logic users?


You could use direct routing for this.

If I understand you correctly, yes this can certainly be achieved in Cubase. If you use ‘Direct Routing’, you can route your group (let’s call it Group 1) to two further groups which have your pitch shift effects inserted (or you can use FX channels, which are more or less the same thing as groups with a different name). Then you can use an aux send to send a signal to Group 1.

BTW… it might also be worth checking out the Soundtoys Microshift plugin -it does a really great job for this kind of pitch shift stereo widening effect on vocals.

Hi James,
I Looked at the screen grab you included and
Yes you can do it in Cubase.
In Cubase you have Tracks and Groups

However, in Cubase what you do is :

Create a group track called MVOX GRP (output set to MASTER/St. out) put effects in this group’s INSERTS rack as desired.

create a group track called P Left (output to master) put effects in this group’s INSERTS rack as desired

Create a group track called P Right (output to master) put effects in this group’s INSERTS rack as desired

Set output of Track MVOX to group track MVOX GRP

Use the SENDS rack slots from Track MVOX to “aux send” to group tracks P LEFT and P RIGHT.
Note that in cubase you can also choose balance panner or combined panner as desired for a stereo track and group.

Thank you all for your assistance!

Very much appreciated!!!

So in the end I went with the direct routing option.

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But i have to say its pretty amazing that you can use one Send for many destinations in Logic. I would like to see that in Cubase. Direct Routing is also cool buts still you can not route one to several things .

BTW. I also use splitharmonising on vocals alot. I came to the conclusion that the “Cloner” Plugin is even better than the pitch correct because you have a humanising feature wich varies the delay and pitch of the up to 4 additional voices. This is more natural than a static detune.
You might wanna try it out.

greetings Novik

Hi Novik,
Yes I prefer the bussing in Logic as well.

Thanks for the tip I’ll check out Cloner


Yes you can. Direct routing allows you to route a single channel to as many as eight destinations.

I often if not always, do a “duplicate track” on lead vocals, and use that track to insert distortion, EQ and what not.
It’s a super simple way of adding parallel fx. and is often overlooked.
The drawback is that if you decide to edit the original track you would have to make the changes on the duplicate track also.

In that situation, you could always use shared copies (hold down shift and alt and drag the part to make a shared copy). Then whenever you edit one version of the part, the other ‘shared’ versions will also be edited identically.

That would be one way of doing it.
And btw great fun when reversing phase and/or moving the audio on the timeline and SENDing to a reverb.
Creativity first :slight_smile:

That’s why I love to send my main Vox track through the left and right panned busses…I can add a little pitch variant on each to thicken …plus eq and sometimes a bit of dirt…and keep the main vox track pretty clean with a little verb :slight_smile:

You missunderstood me. When you look at the picture james k posted you see that he uses a single send that goes to two different destinations in Logic. In Cubase you would need either 2 sends or 2 direct routing slots to do that. Not just one Slot for many destinations


Yes that is exactly it Novik

Btw I bought the cloner plug and it’s great. I can detune slightly each voice plus add a slight delay for more of a natural performance!