Busta Rhymes cover...

Hi guys,
I decided to do a rock/metal cover of Gimme Some More by Busta Rhymes. It is as wrong as it sounds. Done in Cubase 5 Essential.


excellent mix ,did you do everything ,well done.

Hey thanks - yeah I did everything myself.

What about this don’t you understand? :unamused:


Are you talking about the fact that it’s a cover, or the use of the string sample?

Copyright law for cover songs is not as straightforward as you assume. Perhaps a moderator needs to make an explicit call on whether or not cover songs can be posted on the forum.

The song I’ve posted is not for sale and I’m not looking to make money from it - if I was, I would go through the proper channels. It’s a creative work that I’ve done because I like the song, and I feel it’s worthy of posting here.

You are correct in your statement. Enjoyed and if you play it different like you do then it is a worthwhile listen…Thanks for posting