Butterfly Returning

Composed during holiday, using Cubase LE from 2005 (?) and IK freeware samplesynth.
Mixed at home on C6.5 and replacing kick, snare and crash cymbals.


Very nicely done, ThePresent. Beautiful balance, with a lot of textures going on at once. They are all easily heard, and yet blend together perfectly.

Thanks a lot, SLD. Very nice remarks!

This has a very nice ambiance and I really love the synths you picked. The drums sounded great and and the bass underneath gave it a great groove. That lead sawish synth towards the end really rounded out the sound in general. The only thing that I could see as somewhat being a problem is the delay and reverb on the piano sometimes sounded a tad out of place (delay too short…?) but maybe that was intentional. Other than that it sounds great!

Thank you ethansight! Delay and rev on the piano was indeed chosen to be somewhat out of control but I may have overdone that :smiley:

excellent instrumental…very atmospheric but does seem to drift around a bit (maybe it’s supposed to of course) but no distinct melody to get hold of, but nevertheless a very nice listen…Kevin

Thank you Kevin. Very nice remarks.
Indeed, it is a drifting piece. I was sitting on the front porch of a French house in the country with my laptop next to me :smiley: experimenting with a very limited setup to see what would come out. So I guess the relaxed atmosphere rubbed off into the music. :laughing:
I tried to make the melodic fragments sound urgent and a bit lost though, so I put the rev and delay and fading on it to sort of fly through the music.

Nice song, really enjoyed it

Thank you!

The vibe is cool, some parts and some of the fluttery effects (which I hope were chosen to symbolize a butterfly ;p ) remind me of some of the older Donkey Kong game music. I think that it could do with better defined sections and more distinctive melodies. The melodies are forgettable even when still listening to the song. There are some nice combination of sounds here though. The atmosphere is nice and puts me in an old school video-game mind.

At 1:57 the whirring sustained sound just abruptly cuts out. It’s also the sound that begins to grate on my ears the longer I hear it. It sounds cool at first, but it doesn’t sound like there is any expression or volume automation on it at all. The bass movement is pretty cool and sounds really nice and I think the higher synths are actually making it sound less defined than it actually is. In fact that higher sustain that I just mentioned doesn’t really sound like the harmony is moving with the bass line from the entire 0:33-2:00 section. I think it could benefit from some small crescendos and diminuendos too. Other than that the mix is very nice.

I think the thing that needs the most attention is creating a distinctive piano melody or simple hook. The notes you have work sure, but I think that if you broke it down and worked on it some more you could create something more distinctive.

Good going so far, very nice atmosphere overall.

Thanks for listening closely, Jonathan, you gave me something to think about. :wink: