Buttom right circle, what is it?

Hi guys

I would like to know whats the little circle thing on the bottom right corner of the screen in cubase 10, its on the transport bar

also when I point the mouse to the tool bar, its there too, blocking all the little function display…

can anyone please help me to hide it.

many thanks

Hi and welcome,

Do you mean the cogwheel? Once you click on it, you can define, which elements (of the area: Toolbar, Info Line, Transport Panel) should be shown/hidden.

You may be referring to record mode.

Hello Sir

I just attached an image file, i think its not a cogwheel, it just sits there…
Do u know how to turn it off?

does it look like this?

its blocking the cogwheel. and i have no idea how to turn it off


This is something different. I have seen it already, but I forgot. It seems to be somehow on Windows side…

Follow this thread, please.

oh my~ thank you so much for saving my day!!

so its a pc thing XD really appreciate your help sir!

wish you all the best ^^