Button to maximize the settings windows

I really like the way how the many options and settings are categorized and presented in the dialog windows. Especially, the visual examples help to quickly find the right option I’m looking for. When browsing through the settings I usually enlarge the dialog window in order to get a better overview. Since there is no maximize button and the dialog is centered by default, I move and resize it to get the maximum height. It’s no big deal, but a little annoying over the time.
To simplify this, it would be great if there was a window button that maximizes the dialog (vertically or entirely) and resizes it back on a second click. Maybe the dialog sizes and positions could also be saved for the next Dorico session.

Thanks for your feedback. We’ll consider this for the future.

Ok, great. Thanks, Daniel.

Sorry for bringing this up again. I just noticed in the latest videos and screenshots, that the layout, notation etc. option dialogs have a maximize button on Mac. Have they always been there or were they added recently? Could we get it for the Windows version as well, please?

The options dialogs have had a maximise button on Mac for a while, as a workaround for the fact that you could not otherwise resize those dialogs on Mac. There hasn’t been any change in this regard for some time on either platform.

Ah, ok. Thanks for the fast reply and the clarification.

Type Win+Up Arrow to vertically maximise (most) windows in Windows 10. This isn’t specific to Dorico…

I use F11 for full screen on Windows. Removes the extra tools are entirely.

Dan, does that apply to the dialogs like Layout Options?

Yes, that’s right but it only works with windows that are allowed to be maximized. They usually get a maximize button automatically by the Windows system. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with the options dialogs. They can only be resized, e.g. by dragging the corners.

Also, F11 only works for the main window, not for dialogs.

You’re absolutely correct, Martin, but try Winkey+Shift+Up arrow. It seems to work on most of them…

Thanks Leo, but I already tried the key combination and it doesn’t work here. Maybe it’s an issue with the German keyboard layout or an interfering Windows setting. I’ll have a closer look at this.