Buying a back up Dongle, what is the procedure?

I want to get a second dongle just in case something happens to my main one.
It is getting quite old at this point and I was just wondering…

If my main dongle does stop working, what is the procedure for getting all my licenses put on the back up dongle? How long does it take to get back up and running as if nothing happened?

Thanks for any info.

Please have a look at “Zero Downtime (ZDT)”:

Thanks for that info, though it doesn’t mention a price.
Is there any extra cost involved, besides the cost of the extra dongle, with Zero Down time?

Thanks again.

Looks like it is under $30 USD for a new key.

No other cost. I tried out the ZDT process with an old SX2 dongle. I filled out the form, checked a box or two, and received an email with an activation code for the license that was on it. That’s all there was to it.

Thanks for the info everyone.

I received my back up dongle yesterday. One less thing to worry about is certainly nice.
$24.99 at Sweetwater.

Again…Thanks to all who responded.

Right on.