Buying A New Retail Cubase Version

I want to purchase Cubase Pro, but I’m confused as to what is what when looking. I keep seeing Pro 9, but there is sometimes a small circle in the upper corner of the box about it being an upgrade. Prices I see range btw $485-$590. I just want to be sure I’m buying the correct item with full features and parts included.

Also is it necessary to buy 9? Or is there a place to find a full version of 7-8.5, which I’ve heard also work well, and upgrade later? I’ve only seen 9 for sale on steinberg along with upgrades from the other versions. Either way, any help, or links to correct complete versions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks very much. :slight_smile:

Any FULL version will get a free Grace Period update to the current version.

If I were to buy Pro version 8.5, would I need to purchase anything else on top of it, like the USB dongle, or future license renewal?

You need to buy a new (or at least non-activated) version of 8.5 (or earlier) to get the free upgrade to 9.
A new version would usually come with the USB dongle.

Thanks so much!

Yes. Sorry I was not specific. It must be UNACTIVATED.

Something like this would be a legitimate purchase, I believe …

Just make sure you don’t buy an EDU (Educational) version.

These update versions- is it still the complete ready-to-use software, but with the option to update? I wouldn’t just be buying an update I would have no use for since I don’t have Cubase yet?
Thanks so much for the link!!

An Update/Upgrade version means from a version you already own. If you don’t already own any Cubase version, you need a FULL retail purchase.

The free update to 9 from 8.5 in the link I provided is referring to the grace period …

Perfect I appreciate it!

What comes in the new Cubase Elements 9.5 Retail box version sold by Amazon? What is a Retail Box version? Thanks in advance :slight_smile: