buying a software license for cubase 4

is this still possible? sorry for showing up and immediately asking a newbie question
I was really perfectly satisfied with the original NT Cubasis as I want only to make basic general MIDI files
with it being increasingly hard to find ways to support 16-bit software like that old thing I thought I’d “upgrade” to what I thought’d be the cheapest version of Cubase but I find elicensing it strangely inaccessible
i’m sure official support has been abandoned years ago, just wondering how you’d actually go about running Cubase 4 these days! thanks for any responses!

No, it’s only possible to buy the latest version.

Compared to Cubase 4, Cubase 9.5 greatly improves the workflow when working with MIDI. For example, you can double click to add new notes, there are chord drawing tools with easy inversion capabilities, adjusting note lengths and legato is way easier, you can draw MIDI controllers directly into a note by double clicking it, and much, much more. The most used MIDI tools are now available to the left of the piano roll.

Cubase 4 looks like a stone age tool by comparison. It also has issues if you try to run it on a modern operating system, and the price to upgrade from Cubase 4 to the latest version (if you feel like it or need to) isn’t cheap. Absolutely not worth it.

If Cubase Pro is too expensive for you, consider buying Cubase Artist, it’s also pretty powerful. Or you could try Cubase Elements, which is the modern equivalent of Cubasis VST.