Buying Cubase 11 update but no email/ activation code sent

Hi there,

I bought upgrade from Cubase 10 to Cubase 11. After I submit the payment with the credit card confirmation, I was directed again to login page. But when I try to log in, always failed.
And there’s no e-mail of confirmation or receipt sent to my mailbox.

Does anybody ever had this issue?
Can someone from Steinberg help me on this?

Thank you

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Be aware, the credentials to the MySteinberg account are independent on the credential of the Online Shop (which is operated by AskNet).

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Thank you for the information. It’s all good now.
I’ve e-mail Steinberg for this issue : and they sent me the code.
Some how maybe they missed sending the code or the generated email didn’t went through

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