Buying Cubase 9 Elements

Hi! I wanted to ask. I’ve been using Cubase 9 Elements Trial version for about 20 days now and I wanted to buy it. Can I just buy it and register the full version or should I wait for the Trial time to end to make the purchase?


Hi! Thank you for your interest! You can use the retail version and it’s license right away. There’s no conflict here.

Thanks Ed Doll for the reply!! And I have another small question. I just bought it, I knew that Cubase 9 won’t support 32 bits plugins, but can I downgrade from Cubase 9 to Cubase 8.5 if I bought the 9 and I didn’t update from 8.5? Thanks!!

There was no Elements 8.5, only 8. I recommend getting JBridge, which will enable you to use 32 bit plugins in Cubase 9, and it runs them better than Cubase used to. You’ll be missing on too much if you use 8.

We can provide a Cubase Elements 8 download link though. It works with the Cubase Elements 9 license as well.