Buying Cubase Pro and not activating it before june 3rd

hi there

since i m about doing the leap and buying Cubase Pro, but i still have a doubt…
at the moment i dont have a elicenser dongle and anyway im not planning to install Cubase at once, since the PC i have for DAW use at the moment has not the needed system requirements…so i thought about in the meantime buying Cubase, so when september comes and i get the new machine, i can install it there…

my question is very simple and also stupid but i need to know :stuck_out_tongue:
can i buy it now thats on discount, and then activating it whenever i want in the future?

thanks in advance

Ubi D

Yes… purchase it now and activate it when you want after you purchase/receive a USB eLicenser.

I read on our forum that many have purchased CB now for the good price with the intention to activate it when the next CB version is released so that they can get the newer version during the grace period.

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thanks a lot man :slight_smile:

my main reason was that i wont upgrade my prehistoric DAW (still on XP with Cubase SX3, please avoid comments…:stuck_out_tongue:) pc till september roughly, and although i have a laptop with win7 on it, it s not exactly super powerful and barely manage to be able to use it with Traktor or with really basic sequencing to draw sketches, so it would be almost pointless installing it there…

Windows XP is almost certainly 32 bit. There was a 64 bit version of Windows XP Professional, but it was rare. Cubase 10 is a 64 bit program - it simply will not run on Windows XP and is not supported on any version of Windows prior to Windows 7.

With the end of life of Windows 7 in sight and your Windows 7 laptop not up to the job, it makes sense to start fresh with Windows 10 x64 on new hardware.

As Prock says, buy now and activate in the future when you have the hardware.

hi there
just took the leap and bought the full version…thanks everyone for helping me in this choice :slight_smile:

Ubi D